Member Spotlight (Student Edition): Lindsay Owens

What year did you become an SMPS member? 2017 Do you currently hold a board or committee position? Student Chapter President How would you describe your role/job? I am responsible for leading the next generation of marketers and business professionals into A/E/C at the University of Central Florida. I lead a team of other business students... Continue Reading →


Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Placing an Image in Text

How to place an image in text using Adobe Illustrator: Open a new document in Illustrator. 2. Find the image you want to place in your text and lay it out on your artboard. 3. Place your text on top of the image. The fill and outline does not matter. 4. Align your text up... Continue Reading →

Member Spotlight: Michele Olson

Proposal Manager at Leidos  SMPS Central Florida Member Since: 2017 Do you currently hold a board or committee position? I was on the 2018 Art Gala committee. If Yes, what do you help with on your committee and why do you suggest someone to be involved with one? I helped with planning the event, and also with... Continue Reading →

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