Member Spotlight: Michele Olson

Proposal Manager at Leidos  SMPS Central Florida Member Since: 2017 Do you currently hold a board or committee position? I was on the 2018 Art Gala committee. If Yes, what do you help with on your committee and why do you suggest someone to be involved with one? I helped with planning the event, and also with... Continue Reading →


Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Rapid-Fire Font Selection

It’s Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday! Today’s Tip: Rapid-Fire Font Selection When you’re working in InDesign, sometimes you need to quickly visualize how a different font will work for your layout. Rather than continually revisiting the Font Family menu to test out a new font one at a time, use this handy trick for a... Continue Reading →

Member Spotlight: Courtney Franklin

Marketing Coordinator at Hensel Phelps SMPS Central Florida Position: Treasurer, but this coming year I will be joining the Communications Committee, so Treasurer is up for grabs! Member Since: 2015 Why did you want to be on the board? I wanted to get the most out of my SMPS membership. I felt that throwing myself into a... Continue Reading →


MENTOR: Gail L. Kroll, Executive Vice President, Marketing, FINFROCK Length in the industry: 40 years SMPS member since:  2000 Why did you apply to the mentorship program? I realized a few years ago my involvement with SMPS was decreasing, but that I still wanted an opportunity to stay connected with others in our industry.  I’ve learned a great deal... Continue Reading →

Member Spotlight: Pablo Prahl

Promotional Marketing Specialist at Proforma  Member Since: 2015 How would you describe your role/job? I deliver joy to my clients every day by offering tools and resources to boost their existing marketing efforts. Working in the promotional products industry means I get to work with the fun side of marketing – providing a product to make... Continue Reading →

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