Getting Back to the Basics

The room was packed with eager participants ready to advance back to the basics of grammar and proofreading. While we are constantly trying to stay on top of our editing skills, it is important to revisit the fundamentals of grammar to ensure we are not letting the same mistakes fall through the cracks time after... Continue Reading →


What’s Killing Your Proposal?

We recently read an interesting article written by Bob Lohfield on WashingtonTechnology that describes "100 words that kill your proposal." See an excerpt from this article below: "Inexperienced proposal writers seem to use words that should be avoided when writing proposals. These inappropriate words and phrases can weaken a proposal, annoy evaluators, and even undermine... Continue Reading →

A Brand is More Than Green M & M’s: A Live Brand Review

Have you ever asked your boss what your brand was? What about your fellow employees? Two A/E/C firms did just that with the help of Christine Hollinden, Founding Principal of Hollinden Marketing and Strategic Consulting. The firms that bravely participated were TLC Engineering for Architecture and Kleinschmidt Associates. Months before Build Business, Holliden surveyed the... Continue Reading →


Another update from Nicole Roe who is attending SMPS National's Build Business in San Francisco... How many times have you been called a happy lunatic and it was meant as a compliment? My guess is never. For the Build Business first keynote attendees about a dozen times. Keynote speaker, Greg Bennick, has been termed the juggler of... Continue Reading →

Be Ready to Take Action

Coming to you live from San Francisco, SMPS Central Florida's Director of Communications, Nicole Roe, gives insight into what this year's national convention is all about. With a strong presence, SMPS Central Florida is taking nationals by storm... What better way to kick off SMPS’s 2012 Build Business in San Francisco than with peace signs,... Continue Reading →

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