Holiday Social Networking Round Up!

The holiday season is busy for all of us. There are personal and professional social events, endless to-do list, and, oh yeah, your work responsibilities. Even though you might want to pass on all those holiday invites, don’t. Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to expand your network, the holidays are... Continue Reading →


Fundamentals of Graphic Design

The room at Hensel Phelps was packed with marketing professionals eager to hear from Sandee Bright, marketing manager at Protean Design Group. Sandee gave an informative and detailed presentation about the fundamentals of GOOD graphic design. Check out some of the main topics below: -What is Good Graphic Design? C.R.A.P. principals - Contrast, Repetition, Alignment,... Continue Reading →

The Power in Alternative Delivery

SMPS Central Florida's most recent round-table program, The Power in Alternative Delivery, was a highly educational event and a great success. The program provided attendees with valuable information and insights concerning benefits of P3 project delivery, design/build, and other aspects of alternative project delivery related to infrastructure development, construction delivery and economic competitiveness from the point-of-view of... Continue Reading →

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