Why do I need a VECTOR art logo? (SMPS GRAPHIC DESIGN SERIES 101)

Why do I need a VECTOR art logo?

Many times you are a consultant to a project team, or, work with a printer on a large-scale banner, or, maybe you are buying new promotional materials and you are asked for a vector logo. What does that mean? Why is a jpg not acceptable?

First off, why are you asked for a vector art logo and why is the jpg file not sufficient? A logo in a vector format can be scaled to be as small as your business card and then blown up to be as big as a job site banner and still maintain a crisp, clean appearance. Meaning, no raggedy or blurry edges appear on your logo. This is because vector graphics are made up of points and curves that are defined mathematically, allowing them to keep a clean, smooth finish. Think of the edges of a circle.

Also, there is one more benefit of a vector art – there is no color blending. This will allow the pantone color of your logo to stay true and allows for an exact color match. In addition, you can easily increase or reduce the number of colors to adjust printing to a budget.

Which files are typically associated with vector art formats? eps, pdf, svg, ai

What is the preferred program for creating vector art? Illustrator, CorelDraw, FreeHand

* Also, be careful, just because the file says eps or pdf as the extension of the file name doesn’t mean that it is a true vector file. It needs to have been created in a vector software program, such as illustrator, to make it a vector art form.  For example, I can create an eps document through photoshop, however it will not be a vector art eps due to the software program capabilities of photoshop.

Why can’t I use a jpg all the time? The oh-so-popular jpg is a rasterized image that is made out of a grid of pixels and can only be printed at its specified size or smaller, it cannot scale up. Jpg’s are great for photographs but not ideal for most logo uses. The edges of the jpg can appear to be jagged when printed at the wrong size. This is because raster images are made up of a grid of squares overlapping each other; the edges of the image give the illusion of a staircase.  However, if you only have a jpg, it may still work. Verify if the logo you are sending is at least 300 DPI, and depending on how big the image needs to be, the jpg may be usable.

SMPS Vector vs Rastor

Can I place my jpg into illustrator and create a vector logo? Unfortunately, you cannot place a raster image into illustrator and save it as an eps, it must be designed in illustrator to create a vector art image.

Which files are raster formats? jpg, bmp, tiff, gif, png

If you do not have a vector art logo, now is the time to create one or ask a fellow designer to help you out. With the advances in design and print, creating a vector art now will save you time and headaches in the near future. Don’t see this as a hindrance, but maybe use this as a way to retool and revamp your firm’s image. Take an old age logo and update it to reflect a more modern digital environment. In the long run, having a vector logo will make you, and your firm, look smart.
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