Program Executive Summaries are one of the many perks of being a member of the Central Florida chapter of SMPS.


SMPS Central Florida has put a tremendous effort into a variety of programs. We have received outstanding responses in regard to our selection of quality speakers and topics.

However, those of you who are unable to attend can still benefit. Program Executive Summaries are produced after each event and uploaded to the “members only” section of the SMPS Central Florida website.

These documents are comprehensive, well-written summaries of speaker lectures and responses to questions. A great example is our recent program titled “Innovations in Healthcare”. The SMPS Central Florida Programs Committee compiled their notes and produced a 9-page, 4,000 word executive summary that thoroughly captured the event discussions.

If you are not already a member, I implore you to ask an SMPS member how they and their firm have personally benefited from being a member. You will surely find that SMPS Central Florida provides an invaluable service to its members.