InDesign Preflight

Adobe InDesign’s Preflight is a powerful tool that integrates into your workflow and gives you piece-of-mind during production. It can identify possible issues such as missing links, incorrect color spaces, incorrect fonts,  and etc., while you work, as well as when you are preparing for production.

Setting your Preflight Profiles

You can set your preflight profiles from the preflight palette (Window > Output > Preflight) by selecting the preference icon in the upper-right corner and selecting Preflight Profiles. Create a new profile in the column on the left.

preflight 1

Here are the settings that I commonly use and why:

  1. LINKS
    1. Links Missing or Modified – Alerts you to missing or unavailable links.
    2. Inaccessible URL Links – Alerts you to missing or unavailable links.
  2. COLOR
    1. [Registration] Applied – Registration is not black and should never be used in lieu of black. This can cause issues with production on traditional, digital press, and your local laser printer.
    1. Image Resolution (Minimum options checked with default values (e.g., color 250, greyscale 250, and 1-bit 800) – Alerts you to low resolution images that are hard to spot in the preview mode.
  4. TEXT
    1. Overset Text – Alerts you to overset text. No overset text will ensure that something has not shifted of off a frame.
    2. Font Missing – Alerts you to missing fonts that can be problematic in production.
    3. Glyph Missing – Similar to the above.
    4. Cross-References (Both out of date and unresolved checked) – If you use them, you know why its important for them to be up-to-date.
    5. Unresolved Caption Variable – Same as above.

Other useful settings include not allowing spot colors for instances where your print shop has defined and Bleed/Trim Hazard for large full-bleed documents.

Using Preflight While you Work

As you work, Preflight will monitor your document based upon the assigned preflight profile. If an issue is detected, you will be alerted through the indicator at the bottom of your document window.

preflight 2

Reviewing the Preflight palette show full details in regard to the errors and where they are located.

preflight 3

Using Preflight for InDesign Books

In a proposal situation with multiple InDesign documents created and modified within a collaborative environment, InDesign Preflight becomes an invaluable tool.  Your book’s preflight status is shown in the book’s palette as red, green, or ?

preflight 4

To run Preflight on all of the InDesign documents in your book, select “Preflight Book” from settings accessible in the upper right hand of the book palette. Ensure that your custom profile is selected and “Generate Report” is checked.

preflight 5

The report, generated as a PDF, is handy when reaching back out to collaborators for missing links and etc.

preflight 6

Preflight is a powerful tool for your proposal workflow. Whether you are working on a 30-page proposal or a 2,000-page proposal, InDesign gives you the tools that can make your life easier.

Justin Sligh is Marketing Manager for Moss & Associates’ Central Florida division and National Criminal Justice Public Safety division. He is a native Floridian and resident of Orlando with his wife Breana and son Sylar. Comments, corrections, and suggestions welcome.


SMPS Holiday Social and Charity

In December, our chapter celebrated the holidays with a Holiday Social hosted by TLC Engineering. Everyone had a great time with yummy food, drinks and good friends.  We also had an opportunity to share the generosity of the season with local families in need through the charity – The Salvation Army for Women and Children.


Each SMPS attendee was encouraged to bring a donation from a suggested list of items like: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wipes, shampoo, conditioner, throw blankets, school supplies, bus passes, lotion, hand sanitizer, washcloths, socks, scarves, gloves, toys, combs, and brushes.


The items were sorted at TLC’s offices and put in bags.


Rania Sadrack, our Chapter President joined the group of Missionary folks who delivered the gifts.  They were able to provide 70 ladies and 17 of their children each a bag full of the goodies, plus provided them a lovely 3-course meal.


This was only possible due to the generosity of each individual that contributed at our Holiday Social.  The Ladies and their Children at the Salvation Army send everyone a heartfelt Thank You.

Thank you all for Participating!!!!

How to get the most out of MySMPS!

One of the many perks of being an SMPS member is access to an online community of marketing professionals around the country called MySMPS.  This blog was created to help you take advantage of this valuable resource.  You only need to read below and log on to get started!

Getting started…..

What is MySMPS?

MySMPS ( is an online community that was created to help all chapters’ members to connect and engage with one another and the industry.  You can join or start groups (“communities”), print or view recent articles from Marketer, see what events are coming up, share your thoughts on the blog, or participate in the community by sharing files, asking questions, and more.

How do I make an account?

Go to and click on the link on the top right hand side of the page that says, “Log in to see member-only content.”  From there, use your SMPS username (your member ID) and password (first initial of your first name followed by your last name) to log-in.  You will be prompted to accept the “Code of Conduct” and then you can proceed to explore the community.

MySMPS User’s Guide

Get more detailed instructions in the full MySMPS User Guide. Log in to my and select “Check the User’s Guide” link under About MySMPS.

mysmps users guide

Pam Photo 2

This Blog was written by: Pam Carman, FSMPS – your Chapter Liaison for the Central Florida SMPS Chapter.