Top Reasons NOT to Get More Involved in SMPS (A Parody)

Finding the time to get more involved with SMPS can be difficult. Lucky for you, I have developed a list of reasons why you should NOT get more involved with SMPS. That’s right my friends a list of reasons why you should keep eating lunch alone at your desk starts RIGHT NOW.


Sorry, not taking new friend applications. Yup, that’s right. Making new friends means doing things like going out to coffee, happy hour and actually having someone to talk to at “networking” events (clutches pearls). This seems difficult, who needs interesting new friends that will broaden your horizons and help you grow as a person and professional? Looks like we are staying home with season 127 of House Hunters, Mr. Bigglesworth the cat and a DiGiorno pizza.

Becoming more involved with SMPS means stretching yourself and your skills outside of your comfort zone. What if you sprain your back? Tweak your neck? Stretching can be dangerous. What if you learn a new skill and start working more efficiently and effectively at work and your boss notices? It is much safer to just stay at your desk and not move.

MORE $$$$$
What if you join a SMPS committee or attend marketing mechanics programs regularly and your skill set becomes so strong that your employer takes notice and you get a raise? This is starting to spiral out of control. What would you even DO with that money? Travel to Europe and eat macaroons and drink champagne? That sounds lame. Buy a new car? No way, my 2006 Kia Sportage with a missing door handle is perfect. What’s next, increased responsibility?!

What if you join the SMPS board, showcase your ability to lead others, get a promotion, and now all of the sudden you sit in an OFFICE with a DOOR. What if you have the money to go shopping somewhere other than H&M and Target (but listen, NEVER turn your back on Target – she is your soulmate). Whew. This is really taking a turn for the worse. What if you start getting invited to those executive meetings you always wanted to be in, but didn’t have the title? What if they ask for your input and opinion? You would hate to see your role elevated at your firm.

Definitely stay in your lane folks, getting involved with SMPS sounds like a wild ride.

My only hope is you saw the humor in this. That you recognized the excuses we ALL make to keep ourselves in our boring comfort zone. I hope you know that I actually own a 2006 Kia Sportage, love DiGiorno pizza, and dislike cats (sorry Mr. Bigglesworth).

If I haven’t told you before, I was the lady FULL of excuses not to get involved with SMPS. I actually spent 4 years away from the organization because there was a moment where I became disconnected and I let it take me down a path of un-involvement. I am here to tell you to LOSE THE EGO and PARTICIPATE. Stop thinking you know it all and SHOW UP. I realized that my involvement wasn’t about “having a position” or “being important” – it was about the person I became because I got involved. I learned how to work with people who didn’t think like me. I learned to appreciate and understand the nuances of different lines of work. I looked outside of the industry for inspiration to make my work better.

So, I encourage you to drop your Chicken Caesar wrap from Nature’s Table and go to a Marketing Mechanics luncheon (you could even bring your wrap with!) Join a committee and participate. Find one of our specialized events and join the planning committee. Attend a program outside of your market sector. Speak to the student chapter and help give those baby birds a push out of the nest.

Be present and be committed to you. Grow as a person and be the professional you aspire to be. I guarantee you it will not happen if you stay in your comfort zone on cruise control.

For more information on how to get involved – call or email me: or 407-903-7123.

All jokes made in this narrative are in GOOD fun and have no intention to offend anyone. There were no cats harmed in the making of this blog post.


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