Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Rapid-Fire Font Selection

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It’s Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday!

Today’s Tip: Rapid-Fire Font Selection

When you’re working in InDesign, sometimes you need to quickly visualize how a different font will work for your layout. Rather than continually revisiting the Font Family menu to test out a new font one at a time, use this handy trick for a rapid-fire flip through all the fonts in your menu.

Start by highlighting the text that you would like to adjust the font for. Open your Font Family menu, place your cursor over a font, and press Ctrl on your keyboard (or Command on a Mac).


Your highlighted font will now appear in your document as whichever font is highlighted in your Font Family menu. Now use your arrow keys to navigate to a new font in the menu. Notice as you move to each new font, your highlighted text adjusts to reflect the change (hello Wingdings).


What’s more, some of your fonts have an arrow to the left side of the font name, indicating that you have multiple Font Styles for that Font Family. Once you have used your arrow keys to navigate to one of these fonts, press Ctrl + Down Arrow to open the Font Styles for that font. Just as before, you may use your arrow keys to navigate through all the listed fonts, and see the style changes reflected in your highlighted text.


Once you have decided on a font you want to use in your document, press Enter with the desired font highlighted in your Fonts menu and your highlighted text will change to the selected font. Note: if you navigate away from the Fonts menu without pressing Enter, your highlighted text will retain its previous Font Family and Font Style.

We hope this rapid-fire font selection tip saves you time in designing your future layouts. Check us back in two weeks for another Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday!


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