Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Properties Panel

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It’s Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday!

Today’s Tip: InDesign Properties Panel

For those of you working on the Adobe Creative Cloud, a new update recently became available – InDesign CC 2019. If you haven’t updated your software yet, stop everything! Download the software now and find your world open to a host of new features including the new Properties Panel.

If the Properties Panel did not automatically add itself to the right side of your screen following your software update, you can access the panel by navigating to the Window tab and selecting Properties from the dropdown menu.

With nothing selected in your InDesign document, you will find that the Properties Panel allows you to make changes to your document including adjusting the page size, margins, rulers and grids, or turning Facing Pages on or off.

Properties Panel 1

Click inside a text box, and the Properties Panel reveals the Text Insertion menu, where you can make changes to the Paragraph and Character styles of your selected text, change the stroke and fill colors, font size, paragraph alignment and more. Notice that some of the menus have an ellipsis in the bottom right corner. Clicking on the ellipsis will reveal additional menu options including the ability to make text all caps from the Character menu or turning hyphenation on or off from the Paragraph menu.

Properties Panel 2

With a shape selected, the Properties Panel changes again, this time to allow for changes to the shapes fill, stroke, opacity, or text wrap. If the shape serves as the frame for an image, you can adjust the Frame Fitting of the image as well. You can also use the panel to align or distribute multiple objects.

Properties Panel 3

While making changes to your document’s general properties, text, and shapes once required navigation through multiple panel menus, the Properties Panel brings all your needed tools into one fluid panel. If you haven’t started to use the panel already, make sure to download the newest InDesign CC software and be prepared to see the new updates reflect positively on your work flow!


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