Beyond Proposals: Adding Value With Project-Specific Marketing Plans

By Michelle Hubbard, Proposal Manager, Hensel Phelps.


It was the last day of the 2018 Build Business Conference. So far, I had experienced a full day and a half of enriching programing and made some great memories. The Evening of Excellence Awards was the night prior and I partook in a lot of celebrating and some wine…okay, a lot of wine. As I walked into the “Beyond Proposals: Adding Value with Project-Specific Marketing Plans” session, I was a tired and not sure what to expect. The presenters, Jennifer Lacy and Bill Stevens, were quite the dynamic duo. Jennifer is a Marketing Director for Robins & Morton and Bill is a Senior Superintendent. Working for a large General Contractor myself, I immediately related to the hurdles they were presenting when trying to engage the field staff in gathering marketing information. I was picturing the many “Bills” that I work with at Hensel Phelps. As their relationship story unfolded, Bill explained that he learned the value of marketing and is now an advocate for her team. Hearing this was like music to my ears. A Superintendent excited about marketing? Is that not an oxymoron?

They went on to share some of the techniques that they use to gather information and create Project Specific Marketing Plans. Each of their projects has a marketing plan tailored to it. Below are two images of the handout that they gave to attendees.

My key takeaways for this presentation were:

  • You CAN have a great relationship with the field staff and they will be one of your biggest cheerleaders once converted.
  • Marketing plans can help celebrate success.
  • Real-world takeaways from your project are key to creating impactful content.
  • Learning the stories of your people is so important. After all, they are who we are marketing.
  • Yammer still exists and a firm has actually figured out how to use it properly
  • Videos are so impactful. Just watch the video of Outlaw (link below).
  • I need to find Hensel Phelps’ Outlaw, because I know we have one!

Overall, this was a great breakout session and I will be implementing a #projectwins campaign internally because of it. Kudos to Jennifer and Bill on your presentation! I hope to see you in a future seminar.



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