Tech Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Placing an Image in Text

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How to place an image in text using Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Open a new document in Illustrator.

Step 1 - Open a New Document.JPG

2. Find the image you want to place in your text and lay it out on your artboard.

Step 2 - Place the image you want on your Artboard.JPG

3. Place your text on top of the image. The fill and outline does not matter.

Step 3 - Type your text and place on top of your image.JPG

4. Align your text up with the area of the image you would like to see in the text.

Step 4 - Align your text with the area of the image you want to see.JPG

5. Select the text and image to make a clipping mask. Go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make, or Control + 7 for the shortcut.

Step 5- Object, Clipping Mask, Make.jpg

Voila! You now have an image in your text to spice up stats, names, just about anything!

Step 6- Use your new text.JPG

TIP: If you would like to move the image around or edit your text, go back to Object > Clipping Mask> Release Mask, or Control + Alt + 7 to release the mask. You can now move your image and text around as you please.


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